We are proud to announce that we will be opening an indoor Nerf rival arena in the Eden Prairie Center: Coming October 2017!

The specific opening date will be released in September, when we will also release our online booking system to the public!

This Nerf rival arena will be Nerf only. For ages 6+. We will be using the NEW Nerf rival Nemesis! All of our sessions will include free rental and unlimited ammo, using our blasters only! Check out the Nerf rival Nemesis on YouTube to see how awesome these blasters are!

We do thank all the Paintball and Airsoft players for their continued patience while we work on getting the large facility open. We ask everyone to help support our Nerf arena, so we can put our profits into opening the large indoor Reball and Airsoft facility as quickly as possible!

Below is a concept drawing of the large 7,000 sqft space we will be building out at the Eden Prairie mall!

Thank you everyone for all the support as we worked through the hurdles of our new business!
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