Games Types

All session are lead and organized by a referee. You will play multiple 5-minute games listed below during your hour session. Making it very fast paced and competitive at times! Each session is tailored to the age group that is playing.


The different games you’ll be playing

Each indoor nerf war game lasts five minutes and is organized and guided by an official. You play five-minute rounds of each game type. Take a look at the list below to get an idea of some of the games you’ll be playing. Each session lasts an hour, so the short rounds make each session both competitive and fun! Every round is adjusted to the age group that’s playing, so it’s both safe for the kids and intense for the adults. Our wide range of nerf war game types are a non-stop blast.

Team Deathmatch: Two groups go head-to-head, aiming to knock out the other team. Each team starts on their side of the map in their own base. You must take out all the players on the other team to win. Watch your back, because they’ll be looking to get you, too.
Capture the Flag: Go for the enemy’s flag while defending your own. The other team will be gunning for you, so move fast or get taken out. Hurry back to your base with their flag in hand to claim victory.
Domination: Capture and raise a flag at three different objective points. Once you’ve done that, hold your position as long as you can to win the game.
Search and Destroy: The way this game works is simple: one team plants two bombs and the other team tries to defuse them. The defenders protect the bombs and try to run out the clock, while the attacking team must defuse the bombs before time runs out.
Free-for-all: There are no teams in this game, because it’s every person for themselves—a complete free for all. Get hit and you’re out. The last person standing wins. Good Luck.
Sabotage: In this game, both teams search for a bomb hidden somewhere on the map. Once your team finds it, head to the enemy team’s base and toss it in. Your team wins when the bomb goes into their base and blows it up.
PUBG: This is a battle royale game, much like the popular video games PUBG and Fortnite. All weapons are scattered across the map and are free for any player to pick up. You can play solo or partner up with a friend for a better chance at winning. You’re limited to one weapon at a time and must pick your ammo up off the floor.
Our indoor nerf war games are fantastic for birthday parties, but they’re a great idea for other groups as well. These games build camaraderie and can form the backbone of an awesome team building program for offices or sports teams. Call now to book a time to enjoy our many types of nerf war games!