Games Types

All session are lead and organized by a referee. You will play multiple 5-minute games listed below during your hour session. Making it very fast paced and competitive at times! Each session is tailored to the age group that is playing.


Team Death Match: This game consists of two teams with the goal of eliminating the opposite team. Each team begins from its home bunker. Players must find and tag the opposite team before being eliminated themselves.
Capture The Flag: A flag is placed in each team bunker. Each team attempts to bring the opposing team’s flag back to their own bunker without losing their own flag.
Domination: This game consists of two teams which face off against each other. Capture and hold three objectives on the map. The goal will be to raise each flag to your team color and hold as long as you can.
Search And Destroy: This game will consist of two teams facing off with one team defending and one team planting. Planting team will have a certain time to plant the bomb and set the timer. The defending team will defend the two objectives, and have a limited time to defuse the bomb after it has been planted. The goal is to eliminate all players or plant/defuse the bomb.
Free-for-all: Is a death match for all players face off against each other in a match to the death. It’s everyone vs everyone, there are no teams. The last player standing wins.
Sabatoge: This game we hide a “bomb” for both team to try and find. Your objective is to find the bomb and throw it into the other teams base! an.
PUBG: This is a battle royal game. Also known as hunger games or fort night. All blasters are placed around the arena for you to find and pick up. This can be every player for themselves or done in teams of two. You must only use the balls from the floor and only pick up one blaster at a time.