Great Idea for Team Building

At Tactical Urban Combat, we offer indoor team-building games and fun for any sports team located in and around the Eden Prairie area. Our games aren’t just fun; they offer a real team challenge as well. If you’re looking for sports team-building activities, we’re the place for you. Players will learn to work together with teammates as they battle for supremacy and strive to accomplish a common goal in our giant arena. Our games will challenge you and your team, prompting you to formulate plans, communicate with team members, carry out objectives, and adjust to rapidly changing circumstances. Watch your outfielders bond as they hold your base against superior numbers. See trust grow between your quarterback and blind-side tackle as they watch each other’s backs in a battle royale. Players will even grow more familiar with teammates’ habits and thought patterns as they compete on opposite teams. You can bring the team in for a quick hour or take a whole afternoon to build chemistry and create lasting memories. Our arena fits twenty players at a time, so bring the starting defense, your entire basketball roster, or even the coaching staff. Tailor the time to your team’s needs with one of our private group packages or a custom package option of your own creation.

Our service provides a fast-paced and exciting atmosphere that’s conducive to growth for any team at any age level. Our indoor team building games appeal to kids, teens, and fun-loving adults. Youth teams, college players, and coaches alike will find themselves caught up in the action. There’s no such thing as age in the arena.

Contact us today to reserve your time at Tactical Urban Combat. Make us your next go-to spot for sport team-building activities. You’ll see the results when your team is able to have fun together.


Team Building Party Packages

Standard one hour package is $300.  Choose the day and time on the main page and select the blue button to make private.

Echo package is for two hours for $500.  Find two consecutive hours that are available on the day of your choice.  Add both times to your cart by selecting the blue make private button.  At checkout use code” echo2″ to get the echo discount!