Give your child a great birthday with a Nerf War Birthday Party – Safe and fun for any age

Does your child want to play paintball or laser tag for their next birthday? These activities are exciting, but you may struggle to find the right balance between safety and fun. Paintball can cause serious harm if something goes wrong, while laser tag can be confusing because the absence of physical ammunition makes it hard to tell when you’ve been tagged or scored a hit. At Tactical Urban Combat, we’ve found the perfect balance between these two.

Why you should throw a nerf party

Throw your kid a birthday party they’ll never forget, and rest easy knowing that they’ll have safe fun at our nerf battle birthday party venue. Your child and up to 19 of their friends will have access to our whole facility when you reserve your time at Tactical Urban Combat. You can reserve an hour or fill up the whole day. Our battle arena is based on the war-torn towns commonly found in today’s popular combat-based video games. Your son or daughter will have a blast in their own real-life, bloodless battle royale. And don’t be shy; Tactical Urban Combat caters to all age groups, so adults are welcome to join the battle.

The games your kids will play

All of our games are guided by a referee and are five minutes in length, so each session cycles through a wide variety of game types. This format ensures fair play and prevents lulls in the action. Our properly trained officials provide guidance during games to ensure your child’s nerf war birthday party provides non-stop excitement.

List of games:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Capture the flag
  • Domination
  • Search and Destroy
  • Free-for-All
  • Sabotage
  • PUBG

When you rent our nerf battle birthday party venue, your birthday party package also comes with a free extra-large pizza coupon for Sabarro, located in the food court nearby. Book online to reserve our location for your child’s nerf war birthday party.


Birthday Party Packages

Standard one hour package is $300.  Choose the day and time on the main page and select the blue button to make private.

Echo package is for two hours for $500.  Find two consecutive hours that are available on the day of your choice.  Add both times to your cart by selecting the blue make private button.  At checkout use code” echo2″ to get the echo discount!